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Dear Friends,

This month we come to you from The Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto! Seven members of The Interfaith Peace Project journeyed to Toronto in order to join our brothers and sisters from around the world to celebrate the faith traditions of the world. We have experienced many exciting workshops and Sr. Barbara, Tom, and Becky even presented one: “Hands Across the World: Building Bridges of Peace to Become the Beloved Community”.

The Parliament of the World’s Religions Women’s Task Force (PWTF), in partnership with the Women’s Caucus at the American Academy of Religion, has a Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom Poster that we think you will find informative (see below). The poster highlights wisdom teachings that support the Dignity of Women from various religious, wisdom, and faith traditions. Alicia Panganiban and Dr. Elizabeth Ursic are Co-chairs of the Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom Poster Project.  For more information click here.


Susan Batterton, Communications and Advisory Board, from Toronto with
Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.,
Rev. Andrea Goodman, President of the Board of Directors,
Vincent Anaclerio, Supporter and Friend,
Renee Regacho-Anaclerio, Advisory Board,
Sr. Barbara Finch, Advisory Board and Presenter,
Rev. Rebecca Mahr Cartus (FCM), Advisory Board and Presenter

Click here to Download from the Parliament’s website

Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom Poster Citations


“And among the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh is the equality of women and men. The world of humanity has two wings-one is women and the other men. Not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly. Should one wing remain weak, flight is impossible. Not until the world of women becomes equal to the world of men in the acquisition of virtues and perfections, can success and prosperity be attained as they ought to be.” ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, p. 302.


“A girl-child, O Lord of men, may prove
Even a better offspring than a male.
For she may grow up wise and virtuous,
Her husband’s mother reverencing, true wife.
The child she may bear may do great deeds,
And rule great realms, yea such a son
Of noble wife becomes his country’s guide.”
Caroline A. F. Rhys Davids, trans. The Book of the Kindred Sayings (Saṃyutta-nikāya), Part I.
Oxford: Pali Text Society, 1992-1994.


“Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.” Acts 2:18


Ajyesthaaso Akanisthaasa Yete
Sam Bhraataro Vaavrudhuh Soubhagaya – RigVeda, Mandala-5, Sukta-60, Mantra-5

‘No one is superior or inferior; all are brothers; all should strive for the interest of all and progress collectively’. RigVeda, Mandala-5, Sukta-60, Mantra-5…


“The believers, men and women, are “Awliy,” (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors) of one another, they enjoin (on the people) Al-Ma`ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do);and forbid (people) from Al-Munkar (i.e. polytheism and disbelief of all kinds, and all
that Islam has forbidden). they offer their prayers perfectly (lqamat-as-Salat), and give the Zakat and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah will have mercy on them.” [ Surah 9:71]


“A living body is not merely an integration of limbs and flesh but it is the abode of the soul which potentially has perfect perception(Anant-darshana), perfect knowledge (Anant-jnana), perfect power (Anant-virya), and perfect bliss (Anant-sukha).” – Lord Mahavir’s Teachings


“And God created humankind in the divine image, creating it in the image of God–creating them male and female.” Genesis 1:27


“[The Germanic pagan peoples] believe that there dwells, in women, something sacred and prophetic, and so they welcome their counsel and do not disregard their words.”
Tacitus, Germania


“From a woman, man is born; man is conceived in the womb of a woman; to a woman he is engaged and married. Woman becomes his friend; and because of woman, the future generations continue. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; through a woman he is bound with this world. So why speak ill of her from whom kings are born? A woman is born from a woman; there is none without a woman. O Nanak, the only one without a woman is the One True Lord. That mouth (irrespective of gender) which praises the Lord continually is blessed and beautiful; O Nanak, those faces are radiant in the Court of the True Lord.”
– Guru Nanak Dev ji, Vaar Aasaa, Ang 473

Spiritual, but not Religious

“Men and women are by nature the same.”


“The Spirit of the valley never dies.
They call it wondrous female.
Through the portal of her mystery
Creation ever wells forth.
It lingers like gossamer and seems not to be
Yet when summoned, ever flows freely.”
~ Laozi’s Daode Jing, verse 6 ((Primary Scripture of Taosim, translated by Douglas Allchin)


“May a good ruler, a man or a woman, rule us, in both existences”. **In Y. 41.2 Women and men were considered capable of being good leaders in both the corporeal and spiritual worlds.