10th Anniversary Reflection by Tom Posted May 31, 2017 by admin@interfaith


Thomas P. Bonacci
Executive Director
The Interfaith Peace Project

Recent Photo for Tom Bio Jan 2016

When I think of The Interfaith Peace Project, I experience deep gratitude.  The Project was born out of heartbreak, loss and upset.  We challenged ourselves not to be overwhelmed by the troubles and upsets of the day.  We would respond to people rather than react to issues.  Our homes, Centers and places of gathering and worship would become locations for the practice of Interfaith Spirituality and Compassion.  We would honor each and every person of any or no persuasion realizing the uniqueness of every person. 

When I say that I experience gratitude, I mean I will forever be grateful for the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board, and the countless people who have blessed us along the road.  We do this together.  Finally, I think of the future.  How blessed we are that in our Tenth Year, two new Centers will guide and shepherd us into the future.  We can now stand in this moment and give thanks for what is yet to unfold.