10th Anniversary Reflection by Renee Posted June 4, 2017 by admin@interfaith


Renee Anaclerio

The Interfaith Peace Project

There is a cartoon I recall from years ago…  Two people were arguing in a small boat.  As a “gotcha,” one person shoots a hole in the other person’s end of the boat.  The ill fated strategy of the angry person provides a great reminder.  Whether it is our global economy, global warming, disease, natural resources, etc., WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!  We are blessed to have the Interfaith Peace Project to help people learn about the richness and essentialness of our diversity as human beings.   The staff and friends at IPP model openness, hospitality and compassion.

Through the IIP I have learned that the great mystery that I experience as God cannot be contained within a single set of beliefs or practices.  I have one experience among many diverse experiences… Perhaps as we share our individual experiences and insights, as we learn from each other and share our humanity, we get a little closer to that mystery which is beyond words.

I pray that the work we do to build understanding, acceptance and friendships provides the building blocks for peace in our day and a kinder, more compassionate world for our children.