10th Anniversary Reflection by Leah Posted May 26, 2017 by admin@interfaith


Leah Grace Maxwell-Styles
Member, Board of Directors
Tri-Valley Director
The Interfaith Peace Project


I have the honor and privilege of supporting an interfaith youth group as part of my interfaith ministry.  I am continually inspired by this group of 14-16 year olds from all different backgrounds as they get to know one another and engage with genuine curiosity and radical acceptance.  They create an environment where they can safely explore different beliefs as they journey along the path to find meaning to the question, “What do I truly believe?” 

Through my involvement with The Interfaith Peace Project (IPP) over the past couple of years, I have learned how to cultivate and support a safe environment for these youths to explore different beliefs with an open mind.  I think that is part of the genius of IPP – to encourage people to first, explore one’s own beliefs deeply with self-compassion, and then to remain engaged this way as an on-going lifelong process.  I am very grateful for being a part of this wonderful organization and honoring the efforts of all those involved for the past 10 years.