Welcome to The Interfaith Peace Project

Our world has become a global village. No longer do we need to go to "exotic" lands to encounter the splendor of the Faith Traditions of humankind. Our cities, villages, neighborhoods are now populated with the peoples of the World. This rich and emerging diversity of experiences, ideas, and people creates a fertile opportunity for conversation, understanding, cooperation, and peace-making.

Our mission is to provide home and local based education programs to persons and groups interested in developing or enhancing their appreciation of the faith traditions of the world.

We design introductory programs to help participants cope with inherited stereotypes, innocent misunderstandings, embarrassing questions or general knowledge of the many faith traditions of humankind.

We will provide contact information for those who would like to meet people from the various faith traditions and perhaps visit their places of worship.

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Vive la liberté! Posted Jul 15, 2016 By admin@interfaith

Vive la liberté! July 15, 2016 Dear Friends,       The illogic and violence that characterizes the terrorist mindset can cause otherwise fair minded

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July Women’s Day Reflection Posted Jul 08, 2016 By admin@interfaith

Rev. Fran Gardner-Smith St. Alban’s and St. George’s Episcopal Church Antioch, California      The Interfaith Peace Project welcomes Rev. Fran Gardner-Smith as author of

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