Livermore WINGS: The Joy of Diversity – In Honor of Christian Unity Week


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Date(s) - 01/13/2022
9:30 am - 11:00 am


Livermore, CA

January 13, 2022
9:30 – 1100

In Honor of Christian Unity Week

Our program will explore the diversity of the faith traditions of Humankind.  There was a time, not long ago, when the diversity of faith expressions caused consternation, upset, and rejection.  People were condemned because their faith stance was different from what others believed to be true.  We have come a long way since the dawn of Ecumenism and Interfaith Spirituality.  Using St. Paul’s metaphor of “many parts in the one body,” we will suggest the diversity of faith expressions can be a cause for joy.  As each and every human person must be true to themselves if they would be people of integrity, so every faith tradition must be true to its highest principles if it would truly contribute to the upbuilding of the World.  How blessed our World would be if we could rejoice in the unique gifts we each bring to the table of life.


Sources for Development of Our Program

I have sheep you do not know (John 10: 16).
When you did it for the least (Matthew 25: 40).
The Experience at the Jain Temple
Rumi’s Poem – One Song
All the Nations shall come streaming to the mountain of the Lord (Isaiah 2: 1-8)


  1. Have you ever visited the worship site of a Community other than your own?If so, describe your experience?


  1. As you think of the various expressions of faith in the World, what brings you joy?


  1. If you did not belong to your current faith tradition, what community of faith might you join? Explain in a loving and reflective way. 

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