Lodi: An Introduction to the Religions of the World – Gleaning from Islam


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Date(s) - 12/16/2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Episcoopal Church - St. John Baptist


1055 S. Lower Sacramento Road
Lodi, CA 95242

The Rev. Elaine H. Breckenridge, Pastor

An Introduction to the Religions of the World

Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
The Interfaith Peace Project
Pittsburg, CA

Four Saturday Morning
9:00 am – 12 Noon

Our Morning Program will serve as an introduction to the religions of the World.  There will be time to socialize, study, reflect, and share.  Notes will be provided.  No prior knowledge of the Religions of the World is necessary since our program is deliberately designed for those who seek to deepen their knowledge of the diverse Faith Traditions.  We hope our introductory program will help dispel any misinformation, stereotypes, or fear we may have concerning the diversity of Faiths and the people who practice them.  We will survey the Faith Traditions of Humankind as they relate to our Christian heritage and practice.  This program will serve as a basis for meeting our friends in the Faith Traditions of the World.

Saturday – September 16, 2017
Gleaning From The Hindu and Sikh Traditions

After a short introduction to the study of the religions, we will begin our exploration by savoring the rich and wondrous traditions of Hinduism.  Hinduism is actually a family of diverse devotions and devotees dedicated to celebrating the “Oneness of All” in chant, ritual, devotion, deep study, loving compassion.  We dance with Shiva, rejoice with Ganesha, seek with Parvati.      We will explore the powerful stories of the Gods and Goddesses to encounter the Oneness of all that is.   We will conclude our reflections on this Ancient Tradition as we consider the practice of Darsan (seeing) and the New Testament Christian Tradition.

Our reflections will consider the peaceful tradition of Sikhism.  Here we encounter the spiritual practice that God shows no partiality.  Reverencing the Divine in all things and everyone, we bear the marks of faith, devotion, and dedication to the service of all peoples.  We will be deeply touched by the reverence and devotion shown to the Sacred Text as the Living Word of the Divine dwelling in our midst.  Psalm 119 will bless the conclusions of our reflections.  

Saturday – October 14, 2017
Gleaning From The Buddhist Tradition

The story of the Buddha is in one way or another the story of every person who seeks the true meaning of life.  The way of compassion lies at the heart of the human search for meaning and purpose.  We will explore the story of the Buddha’s enlightenment as we rededicate ourselves to the way of compassion.  Transcending doctrine without denying truth, we find a deeper consciousness by which cause no harm.  This study will afford us the opportunity to explore the wisdom of the Golden Rule and the powerful invitation to love our enemies.

Saturday – November 4, 2017
Gleaning From Judaism

For the Christian, Judaism is our Mother in faith and the ways of God.  We are heartbroken over the troubled history of Jews and Christians.  But, now more than ever, we are grateful for the advances made in more recent times between Jews and Christians.  We will explore the splendor of the Hebrew Bible to appreciate anew the wisdom of our Mother in faith.  The power of Tradition presented in story, ritual, and remembrance will surge through our consciousness inviting us to praise the God who would liberate us all.  Our reflections will conclude by appreciating the Judaism of Jesus.

Saturday – December 9, 2017
Gleaning From Islam

The association of Islam and terrorism seriously compromises the well-being of Muslims and all peoples of Faith.  Our reflections on Islam will encourage us to experience Islam as a dedicated way of life centered in God.  Exploring the Pillars of Islam, we will discover how we might live our own lives for the glory of God and the benefit of others.  The faithful Muslim is inspired by the words and deeds of Mohammad (pbuh) as the exemplar of what it means to hear and live the words of the Holy Quran.  Isaiah 55 provides the words and imagery to experience the interplay of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

Proposed Schedule:

9:00 am – 9: 20 am         Coffee and Refreshments

9:20 – 10:15                       General Introduction and First Study

10:15 – 10:45                     Time for Reflection and / or Informal Discussion with Tom

10:45 – 11: 15                     Second Study and Conclusion

11:15 – 12 Noon                Question / Answers – Discussion


Thomas P. Bonacci, C.P.
The Interfaith Peace Project
640 Bailey Road #301
Pittsburg, CA  94565

(925) 787-9279   /   peace@thomaspbonacci.net   /   interfaithpeaceproject.org


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